Treaures on Canvas

Celebrate 20 Years of Wyland and Disney Magic

Collectors Editions, publishers of Disney Fine Art, proudly announces several new limited edition art releases in partnership Wyland Galleries, to commemorate the 20 Year Anniversary of the first collaborations between Wyland and Disney. The artwork, featuring “Ariel” and other beloved characters, from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, along with Mickey Mouse and other timeless favorites, is a blend of Wyland’s signature underwater seascapes and Disney’s enduring stories and characters. The anniversary release will debut a new series of these original images as limited edition giclees on archival paper.

  • Ariel's Dolphin Ride
  • Ariel's Dolphin Playground
  • Little Mermaid Love
  • Ariel's Dolphin Serenade
  • Ariel's First Breath
  • Ariel's Turtle Flight
  • Ariel's Ocean Ride
  • Disney Dive Buddies
  • Donald Diver
  • Dive Buddies
  • Goofy Diver
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